Bicycle and Pedestrian Stakeholders Advisory Committee

Through a partnership between the Town of Wethersfield, Bike/Walk Wethersfield, a group of community stakeholders and interested citizens the Town of Wethersfield’s first Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan and Complete Streets Policy will be prepared.

The integration of a bicycle and pedestrian system within the transportation network is an important priority for the Town of Wethersfield and will provide numerous benefits to the community. The Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan will identify a network of preferred bicycle and pedestrian routes, facilities, projects and improvements to provide more convenient and safer bicycle and pedestrian commuting and recreational opportunities in Wethersfield. This effort will build upon the work performed as part of the 2013 Plan of Conservation and Development and the recommendations and mapping developed during that process. It is anticipated that the recommendations will include a combination of on and off road facilities such as trails, bike lanes, shared lanes, multi-use pathways, sidewalks, and other types of improvements. The Plan will provide detailed recommended treatments to key streets and intersections to enhance safety for bicyclists and pedestrians. The plan will be designed to improve connectivity between destinations, neighborhoods and activity areas in the community, with the local transportation network and with neighboring communities and the region. The plan will also include new and improved programs and policies to help encourage people to walk and bike on a regular basis. The plan recommendations should include actions for a pedestrian/bicycle system that will be financially feasible for the Town to implement and should include benchmarks can be used as performance measures to annually evaluate the progress of the implementation of bicycling and pedestrian improvements. A map(s) of these recommendations will be developed.

A Complete Streets Policy will also be created for implementation. A complete streets policy is a transportation policy and design approach that requires streets to be planned, designed, operated, and maintained to enable safe, convenient and comfortable travel and access for users of all ages and abilities regardless of the mode of transportation such as those walking, cycling, riding and driving. One of the purposes of a Complete Streets Policy is to insure that bicycle and pedestrian facilities are considered during road repaving and reconstruction.

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Listing files in 'Bicycle and Pedestrian Stakeholders Advisory Committee'


Listing files in 'Bicycle and Pedestrian Stakeholders Advisory Committee'

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