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The Town of Wethersfield Assessor's Office prides itself as an outreach administrative office not only for our taxpayers, but various area real estate professionals and prospective buyers and sellers. It is our duty to establish fair and equitable values for all property in the Town - real estate, motor vehicle and personal property - whether taxable or exempt. The assessment year begins on October 1st of each year and continues to September 30th of the following year.

The Mill Rate for the 2021 Grand List year for Real Estate and Personal Property is 41.08; and 32.46 for Motor Vehicles.


motor vehicle taxation

A vehicle owned by you on October 1, of any year is taxable the following July. Vehicle purchased after October 1, and prior to July 31st of the following year will be taxed on the supplemental list billed in January, 15 months after the assessment date. Disposal of a vehicle entitles you to a credit from the month after the month of disposal through September 30th of the year following the Grand List year. If the vehicle was replaced and the same plate was used you will get a supplemental bill in January of the year after the taxes were due, credit will be automatically applied to your bill. Credits may be applicable to the October list or the supplemental list.

Motor vehicles are assessed at 70% of the NADA (October edition) average retail. If not listed in NADA other publications deemed appropriate are used. If not listed in any publication, estimates are used. Vehicles that are registered with antique plates receive a maximum assessment of $500.00.

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business personal property taxation

Business personal property is defined as all tangible property that is not permanently affixed to real estate.  This property includes but is not limited to unregistered motor vehicles, furniture, fixtures, equipment and supplies.  In the State of Connecticut, all owners of taxable personal property are required to file declarations of such property to the Town Assessor where their property is located.  The declaration of personal property is due to the Town Assessor by November 1st annually.

According to Connecticut State Statute §12-41(d), if a declaration is not filed on time, a 25% penalty will be added to the full assessment.

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Town of Wethersfield
Assessor's Office
505 Silas Deane Hwy
Wethersfield, CT 06109

(860) 721-2810


Walter Topliff, Assessor

Sonia Betz, Assistant Assessor

Danielle Dippolino, Assessment Specialist

Vacant, Assessment Clerk



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