Bike or Walk Wethersfield

Historic Wethersfield is a great place to bike or walk. Reachable by the surrounding towns a person is able to get here by bike and enjoy the historic district of Old Wethersfield while getting the nature-ous side of the town as well. Ride or walk by old colonial homes, ancient burying grounds, the Wethersfield Cove (see Witch of Black Bird Pond), and much more!

While you are here, there, and everywhere don't forget about the many shops and restaurants easily accessible by foot or pedal. Bike racks make it easy to park your bike safely while exploring.

See, read, and interact with the different bike and walking routes available below. 


 Wethersfield Heritage Walk

 The Wethersfield Heritage Walk is a three mile long,
 self-guided tour consisting of a series of twenty-two
 interpretive markers that highlight points of          historical significance throughout Old Wethersfield.
 See pdf or interactive google map for more!



 Heritage Way Bike Route

 A ten mile route that explores one of Connecticut's
 oldest towns. The bike path runs along trails and
 town streets from the 1860 Reservoir in the
 western part of town, through the heart of
 Old Wethersfield, along Wethersfield Cove to
 the Great Meadows in eastern Wethersfield.
 The route is dirt, bluestone and on road so a
 hybrid or gravel bike is recommended. See pdf 
 or interactive google map for more!


 Historic Wethersfield in 6 miles

 A 6-mile loop through Old Wethersfield for the 
 casual bicyclist or the more enthusiastic cyclist
 looking to expand their route through Wethersfield. 
 See pdf or interactive google map for more!




 Following Wethersfield ’s Heritage Trail from
 the Cove toward the Rocky Hill Ferry Landing.
 Cycle past historic Comstock, Ferre Seed Company
 and Anderson Farm in the village, through historic
 seed gardens, corn, bean, turf and vegetable fields,
 flood plain forest, and marsh habitat along the
 CT River. See pdf for more!