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Wethersfield Shops Local

Wethersfield Shops Local Campaign


Mission Statement: We recognize that our local businesses are essential to a vital local economy and community character.  The Wethersfield Shops Local Alliance is an educational and marketing campaign encouraging Wethersfield area residents and employees to support Wethersfield businesses.

Why Shop Local?

The reasons for consumers to stay close to home when shopping for goods and services are so compelling they sometimes are taken for granted.  Local businesses provide local jobs, expand the tax base, contribute to local fundraising and non-profit causes, invest in the community, support other local businesses, help shoppers save gas and reduce their carbon footprint, enhance the community’s unique culture, and help fund services in town through sales taxes.

Your choice to shop at local Wethersfield businesses impacts our community in a big way.  Every dollar you spend counts! Keep your money where you live and work. Shop, dine and support your local businesses! 

Why is shopping local so important?

  • Shopping local supports the local economy and keeps dollars in Town.
  • Local businesses care about your satisfaction and want to serve you.
  • You will be doing business with stores that support:

    -Local jobs

    -Community improvement

    -Environmental sustainability                              

    -Youth sports

    -and much more

  • By shopping local, you build relationships with merchants who care and are committed to your satisfaction. "If you don't find it in our store, we'll get it for you!"
  • By shopping local you are stating that you support your community.

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