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Automated Rubbish Collection

The town has implemented automated rubbish collection. The town provides each residence with a heavy duty barrel on wheels that is easily rolled to the street. There is a choice of container size depending upon the need of the resident. Residents have the option of leasing a second barrel for $200 each fiscal year (July 1st to June 30th) by contacting Paine's at (860) 844-3003. Once Paine's receives your payment they will deliver the 95 gallon barrel. (The fee is not reduced for a partial year's use.)

Only refuse contained in the barrel will be collected. On collection day place the barrel within two feet of the curb and away from obstacles such as your mailbox or recycling barrel. The handle should be turned away from the street. Please do not put your barrel in the street.

Pink Barrel Campaign Against Cancer

The Town of Wethersfield has a wonderful opportunity for residents to get involved in the fight against cancer. Paine's Recycling and Rubbish Removal has begun a campaign where residents can substitute a green refuse barrel with a pink refuse barrel. To get a pink barrel, residents are required to donate a minimum of $20 to a cancer charity of their choice each year they have the barrel. In turn, for every pink barrel distributed, Paine's will make a donation to a cancer charity. There are only a limited number of barrels. Those interested in getting a pink barrel should call the Physical Services Department at (860) 721-2846.