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Ethics & Value Statement

The members of the Wethersfield Police Department are committed to the values that are reflected in this Ethics and Value Statement.
  • A commitment to fair and impartial enforcement of laws and ordinances, and respect for fundamental human rights.
  • A commitment to advancing the principles of respect for individual dignity and respect for constitutional rights of all persons with whom the department comes in contact.
  • A commitment to the highest ideals of honor and integrity to maintain the respect and confidence of government officials, subordinates, the public and fellow police officers.
  • A dedication to innovative and participative management, at all times seeking to improve the department, increase its productivity and remain responsive to the needs of our jurisdiction.
  • A commitment to friendly and courteous service by striving to improve communications with all members of the public, at all times seeking improvement in the quality and image of public service.
  • A dedication to improve our personal knowledge and abilities and those of our colleagues through independent study, courses, meetings and seminars.
  • A reverence for the value of human life and commitment to conduct ourselves so as to maintain public confidence in our profession, the department and our performance of the public trust.
The adherence to and belief in these values and the promotion of professional policing will continue to distinguish the Wethersfield Police Department as a truly professional organization.

Note: Every effort is made to assure the information provided on these pages is timely and correct. However, users should keep in mind that this information is provided only as a public convenience. In any case where legal reliance on information is required, the official records of the Town of Wethersfield should be consulted.

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