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Special Needs Registry

We are bound by the understanding and compassion that is required to care for our most vulnerable population.
—Patti Silva

What is the Special Needs Registry?

The Town of Wethersfield, through the Police Department and Emergency Management Division, brings the Special Needs Registry. The Registry enables citizens / frequent visitors to town, a means to inform first responders (police, fire, medical) of their special needs. By different methods, the town's public safety dispatching system can provide responders with the registrant’s submitted information triggered by: a dispatched call to address flagged by registry information, based on a registered person's name, based on a registered person's description, as well as having a call list feature to check the welfare of persons when under a protracted emergency event, such as a major storm with power loss.

Who should register their information?

Anyone who meets the criteria specified on the application form, and who wishes to provide information may register. The registry is completely voluntary and is designed to serve those with special needs. The purpose of the registry is to ensure that our community members with special needs have needs that are met, and with compassion and dignity in the process.

Who may I contact with questions regarding the registry or with problems completing the application?

Questions may be directed to:
Lt. Thomas Mitney,, (860) 721-2914
Disp. Karen Tomczyk,, (860) 721-2900

How did the registry come about?

The registry is a conglomeration of filling voids in matters of police response, checking on and ensuring citizen welfare, as well as taking a proactive means to ensure proper handling of issues and people when special circumstances exist. The registry first started to take shape when Patti Silva, a town resident and tireless advocate of those with special needs, brought concerns forward to Hal Even (Board of Education security) and Karen Tomczyk (police dispatcher / Asst. Emergency Management Director). Soon, it was realized that there were several different categories of people and situations where the public safety response to incidents involving people with special needs could be improved. From there, the effort expanded to enlist the services of Kathy Bagley (Parks and Rec.), Police Chief Cetran, Fire Chief Bailey, Mayor Paul Montinieri, Deputy Mayor Steven Barry, Councilman Tony Martino, and Town Manager Jeff Bridges to get the registry to fruition.