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School Vacation Adventures at EBW Nature Center

Spend the day off from school at the EBW Nature Center!  Hands-on ecology lessons, art and literacy connections, animal visits and outdoor explorations in Mill Woods Park combine fun and educational experiences during school vacation.  Adult educators with assistants.  

  • Regular day 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

School Vacation Program Fees

  • Regular Day Friend $41
  • Regular Day Other $46



Geography: The state of Connecticut is 4,845 square miles and the highest point in CT is part way up the side of Mt. Frissell. Join us and discover more facts about our geography.
Date                Day            Time           Friends/Other         Code
Grade K-2 
11/2                 Tu       8:00A-4:30P          $41/$46          306003-02
Grade 3-6 
11/2                 Tu       8:00A-4:30P          $41/$46          306003-03


12/28 - 12/30  ARCTIC: BRRRR

Find out who really lives at the North Pole. This week get ready for the cold weather of the far north. Explore the climate and animals of the Arctic and even look at the history of Arctic explorations. Learn about all kinds of animals from the Arctic Fox to Wolves and much more.  Min/Max: 8/16.  EBW Nature Center.
Date                Day            Time          Friends/Others        Code
Grade K-2
12/28               Tu       8:00A-4:30P          $41/$46          306005-02
12/29               W        8:00A-4:30P          $41/$46          306006-02
12/30               Th       8:00A-4:30P          $41/$46          306007-02
Grade 3-6
12/28               Tu       8:00A-4:30P          $41/$46          306005-03
12/29               W        8:00A-4:30P          $41/$46          306006-03
12/30               Th       8:00A-4:30P          $41/$46          306007-03