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Family Safety Trailer

The Wethersfield Volunteer Fire Department has a Family Safety Trailer that is used to teach people what to do if they are caught in a fire.

The trailer was purchased through a donation made by a past Company Captain. Arthur Griswold, a former Captain of Fire Company 2, donated the money in hopes that it would be used for further education. The members of the department voted to use the money to purchase the trailer in hopes of saving lives and also to help in the recruitment of additional volunteers.

The trailer is outfitted with cameras in each of the two bedrooms and in the kitchen. These camera views can be seen in the control room for the trailer, on the television in the kitchen and also on the television built into the outside of the trailer. This trailer also has the ability to broadcast over the public access TV channel to show the viewing public live demonstrations. There is also the ability to give demonstrations on the capabilities of thermal imaging cameras.

This fire safety tool gives both children and adults alike the ability to experience what it is like to be in a smoke filled room, without the dangers of real smoke.

The trailer is used at fairs and large group gatherings and is also taken to all town elementary schools to teach fire safety.

For more information on the Fire Safety Trailer, please contact the Fire Marshal's office Monday through Friday at (860) 721-2806 or by e-mail at