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Under Connecticut General Statues the local Fire Marshal is required to inspect all buildings with the exception of one and two family homes, for compliance with the Connecticut Fire Safety Code and Connecticut Fire Prevention Code. The types of inspections conducted by the Fire Marshal’s office are:

  • Annual fire safety inspections
  • License inspections
  • Fire protection system inspections
  • Fire alarm inspections
  • Hazardous materials inspections
  • Blasting permit inspections
  • Burning permit inspections
  • Fire hydrant inspections
  • Wood burning stove/chimney inspections
  • Underground tank inspections
  • Code consultation inspections
  • Plan review inspections
  • Code complaint inspections
  • Vacant building inspections
  • Certificate of occupancy inspections
  • Home safety inspections

To arrange an inspection of your building contact the Fire Marshal’s office at (860) 721-2806 or