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Selective Enforcement Request

Use this form to request the Wethersfield Police Department to provide selective enforcement. With your contact information we will be able to reach you in case we have any questions.

Note: Entries are required for all items. Enter None or n/a if not applicable.

Contact Information:

Street Address: 
City, State, Zip: 
Email Address: 
I am a...  Town Resident
Street Resident
Concerned Citizen
and am requesting Wethersfield Police Department to control:  Speeders
Stop Sign Violations
Traffic Light Violators
If other, explain: 
What Location: 
I have observed violations, and recommend the police conduct selective enforcement at/between: 
Do you wish to be contacted by e-mail with the results of the Selective Enforcement program?:  Yes   No

AUTHORIZATION: By clicking "submit" on this form I hereby authorize the action requested and/or police use of the information supplied. I certify that all information as entered is true and correct. I am aware that by submitting this form, my Internet IP address will become available to the Wethersfield Police Department. This IP address can and will be traced if this form is submitted unlawfully.

IMPORTANT: When you submit this form a confirmation page will be displayed. To keep a copy of your submission, print the confirmation page. After your information is confirmed, you may terminate your connection to this site.