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Building Permit Cost Valuation Schedule

Residential Minimum Sq. Ft. Cost*
New Single Family $115
Two Family $100
Townhouse/Condos/Multi-Family $115
Additions With Full Basement $115
Other (Piers, Crawl Space, Slab on Grade) $100
Attached Garage $35
Detached Garage $40
Dormer $115
Enclosed Porch/Sunroom $85
Open Porch $35
Finished Basement/Attic $40
Finished Basement with Bathroom $45
Accessory Structure/Sheds/Tool House $20
Decks including pool deck & balconies $15
Inground Pool $35
Above Ground Pool $7
Re-roof Over Existing Roof $150 per sq.
Strip Existing Roof $300 per sq.
Siding $250 per sq.
Windows/Doors $150 per unit
Chimney Liner $70 per ft.
General Repairs Est. Value
Others Not Specified above Est. Value
Mechanicals Lump Sum Basis
Fireplace: Gas, Pellet, Wood Stove i.e. $3,000
Air Conditioning Installations $3,000
Boiler Replacement/Furnace Systems $4,500
Elec. Service/Per Meter 100 Amp. $1,100
200 Amp. $2,100
Fireplace 1-Story Brick $8,000
Fireplace 2-Story Brick $12,000
Others Not Specified Above Est. Value
Commercial Base Sq. Ft. Cost*
Gas Station $100
Industrial $75
Office $100
Retail/Mercantile $100
Others Not Specified Above Est. Value

Cost calculated as a percentage of Marshall and Swift Residential Cost Handbook and Commercial Cost Handbook.

Permit valuations shall include total value of work including materials and labor.

*Base price includes foundation, framing, roofing, exterior siding, insulation, sheetrock, interior finish, up to two bathrooms, electrical, heating/cooling, plumbing.