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Strategic Plan

The Town of Wethersfield's Strategic Plan Committee was charged with developing an update to the Town's existing Strategic Plan document.

The Committee presented a draft of the 2005 Wethersfield Strategic Plan to Town Council at a workshop on June 6, 2005. The Town Council reviewed the plan, sought input from staff, and then amended and adopted the Strategic Plan for the Town of Wethersfield at their meeting on November 21, 2005.

Included in the plan are a Vision Statement, a Mission Statement and seven Sections, each with Goals and Objectives.

Vision Statement

We envision Wethersfield as a desirable place to live, work, run a business, go to school, and raise a family.

We value:

  • historic heritage
  • community aesthetic
  • environment
  • educational excellence
  • sustainable economics
  • public safety
  • efficient, effective local government

Mission Statement

Wethersfield is a heterogeneous community with a unique history as the oldest town in Connecticut. We seek to optimize our town's economic potential and encourage and support volunteerism.

Wethersfield will provide our citizens, visitors and businesses:

  • an appropriate mix of business and revenue sources to balance government funding and mitigate property taxes
  • environmental initiatives which contribute to quality of life and sense of place
  • effective, efficient and fiscally responsible government process and structure
  • an infrastructure which will support and maintain an identified range of public services
  • safety and security
  • a good quality of life, by encouraging opportunities and individual freedoms

Town of Wethersfield Strategic Plan

GOVERNMENT PROCESS AND STRUCTURE Continue an elected, autonomous, local form of town government
  • Perform a zero based budget process on one third of the Town Government in annually to cover all departments
  • Require Boards & Commissions to develop and execute action plans and report to Council quarterly
  • Evaluate the role of non-statutory Boards and Commissions as to form and function every two years by their appointing authority
  • Encourage and solicit public input on all community issues
Establish sound fiscal policies which promote the financial health of the town and allow for the needs of the townspeople to be met
  • Develop and implement a Debt Management plan by Fiscal Year 2006/2007
  • Fund a Capital Reserve fund with a minimal balance of $250,000 by Fiscal Year 2006/2007
  • Update the Investment Plan for use in Fiscal Year 2006/2007
  • Maintain the Town bond rating of at least AA3 or greater
  • Strive to maintain an 8% fund balance by Fiscal Year 2006/2007
Identify and meet the needs of the Town's citizens in a manner compatible with the Town's ability to pay
  • Utilize the Strategic Plan to better identify and meet citizen needs based upon the Town's financial capacity
  • Foster collaboration and cooperation between the Town Council and School Board by continuing communications
  • Empower Town staff to participate in decision-making and to identify and correct inefficiencies within their organization
  • Review and update the Strategic Plan on an annual schedule
  • Pursue Grants that benefit the Town
Increase influence at the State and Federal level in order to protect the Town's interests
  • Make State and Federal officials aware of Town issues and concerns and lobby State and Federal officials on issues important to the Town
INFRASTRUCTURE Establish an Infrastructure Management Program
  • Update annually and post the Infrastructure Database and Maintenance Plan and develop an Infrastructure Use Plan that includes current, appropriate and expected uses
  • Update annually and post the Equipment Inventory and Replacement Plan (rolling stock, heavy equipment)
  • Update annually and post the Road and Sidewalk program
  • Maintain designation as a Tree City USA
  • Create a Tree Management Program
PUBLIC SAFETY Maintain Public Safety: Staffing, Equipment and Technology Standards
  • Work with the Town Council Public Safety Committee and Public Safety Staff Leadership to establish and meet baseline standards for a safe and healthy community
ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT Create plans that reflect future economic needs through the use of existing and available development sites
  • Identify the desirable business mix for the undeveloped and underutilized areas and pursue a desirable mix for the Town's selected business areas
Develop Business Attraction and Retention Programs
  • Foster collaboration among Town departments and land use commissions, agencies and the Chamber of Commerce
  • Enhance the Town's image to attract and retain business
COMMUNITY AESTHETIC Maintain and improve the appearance of residential, commercial and municipal properties
  • Ensure that specific appearance guidelines and regulations are in place and enforced
  • Improve the appearance of public lands and facilities
  • Increase public sensitivity towards the importance of appearance
Promote Town awareness of the value of historic preservation
  • Ensure maintenance of existing district and expand awareness to appropriate areas or structures
ENVIRONMENT Establish meaningful zero discharge standard into the Wethersfield Cove
  • Commit to the 18 Year Peak/30 Year Continuous Storm Standard
Preserve wetlands, open space bodies of water and animal habitat
  • Develop strategies to identify and eliminate Brownfields
  • Strengthen inland wetland, flood and erosion control regulations
  • Maintain the ecological and environmental viability of existing ponds
  • Preserve and set aside open space and agricultural land
  • Encourage environmental beautification by supporting clean-up days
SOCIAL Cultivate and recognize volunteers in Town life and government
  • Foster volunteer opportunities for identified needs
Provide information regarding programs, facilities and services for the residents of Wethersfield
  • Provide a mechanism for dissemination of information
  • Continually evaluate Town programs for need and efficacy