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Wethersfield Veterans Remembered

The following Wethersfield residents were members of the Armed Forces serving their country in the United States Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Army Air Corps, Marines, Air Force, National Guard and Army Reserves. Their years of military service encompass World War II, Korea and Vietnam. Our honored veterans died during the period April 1, 2016 through March 31, 2017.

We cordially invite family members and friends to join us on Saturday, May 27th at the Village Cemetery for the reading of their loved ones' names.

Wethersfield Veterans — 2016–2017 Honor Roll

Name War Service
Ronald Abbott WWII
Louis Albrecht Korea
Joseph Bell WWII
Kenneth Beyer
Jozef Bielenda WWII
Robert Briggs
Anthony Brighenti WWII
Michael Brodeur
Robert Butler Korea
Salvatore Castro WWII
Jeffrey Chandler
Richard Chase
Robert Christino WWII
Santo Ciarcia WWII
Richard Clancy Korea
Gerald Corcoran WWII
Chris Cusano WWII
Michael Daly Vietnam
Dennis Delaire Vietnam
Michael DellaFera WWII
Carmen DeMartino
Thomas DeMille
Robert DePasquale
Floyd Derick Korea
Olga DiBenedetto WWII
Sebastian DiMauro WWII
Allen Discenza
Charles Donahue Korea
Dominick Donza Korea
Richard Dunn Korea
Robert Eno WWII
Marsh Enquist
John Forand Korea
John Garofalo WWII
Edward Gilbert WWII
Howard Gillin WWII
Gary Golas
Jack Goldberg Vietnam
Charles Greeney WWII
Austin Greer Korea
Dr. Thomas Griffith WWII
Howard Gunn WWII
Lyman Harding, Jr.
Clarence Harrison WWII
Rudolph Hartz WWII
John Harward, Esq. WWII
Frank Hendron WWII
Harry Hougas Korea
Arthur Hudon, Jr.
George Intravia WWII
Kenneth Johnson
Joseph Jordan
James Keenan WWII
Joseph Kulmacz WWII
Edward Kutyla WWII
Richard LeBeau Korea
Robert Leonard
Anthony Longo WWII
Anthony Loschiavo WWII
Name War Service
Bernard Maffucci
Angelo Mally
Stephen Marsh Vietnam
Warren Martz WWII
Donald Maycock Korea
John McAuliffe, Jr.
Charles McQueeney, Jr.
William Meagher WWII
Oliver Mellen WWII
Michael Melluzzo WWII
Raymond Mojesky WWII
James Moura
Donald Muirhead WWII
Joseph Muscillo
John O'Hare WWII
Lawrence Orvis
Umberto Parente
James Passier Vietnam
Donald Pelletier
Arthur Peterson WWII
Robert Petherston
Robert Priore Vietnam
Paul Reale WWII
Raymond Reuber WWII
Donald Reynolds
Marguerite Robnett WWII
Leo Rosen
Zigmund Roski WWII
Philip Rydziel, Sr. WWII
Louis Santoro WWII
Gregory Savoy
Robert Schlenker Vietnam
Ronald Schumann Korea
Rev. Evans Sealand, Jr. Korea
Garrett Secon
Cornelius Shea
John Sheehan, Sr. Korea
Peter Silvestri WWII
Bruce Skiff
Robert Stefnik
Lamonte Stewart
Edward Stiles
Earl Styler
James Sullivan WWII
Edward Sullivan WWII
Michael Szewczuk WWII
Oliver Therrien WWII
Robert Thorsell Korea
Francis Vigneau WWII
Woodrow Warren WWII
Thomas Wassell WWII
Florence Webster WWII
Albert White Korea
John Wieder, Jr. WWII
Chester Willard WWII
Wayne Williams
Julius Wisniewski WWII
Robert Zaiman